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Postal Address:




Université Montpellier 2, UMR 5119 Ecolag



Case 093



34095 Montpellier Cedex 05, France



Research Interests

The central theme of my research is the study of the interactions between heterotrophic bacteria and colored (CDOM) and non-colored dissolved organic matter (DOM) and of the degree of linkage between autotrophic and heterotrophic micro-organisms. I also look at how anthropogenic impacts such as increased pCO2 and inorganic and organic wastes alter the transfer of carbon between these two compartments.



2007 - present: IRD scientist, Camelia.
Location : UMR 5119  Université de Montpellier
Programme : CAMELIA, characterisation and modeling of exchanges in lagoons subject to anthropogenic influences.

2005 - 2007: IRD scientist, Camelia.
Location : Centre IRD de Nouméa, New Caledonia
Programme : CAMELIA, characterisation and modeling of exchanges in lagoons subject to anthropogenic influences.

2003 - 2004: IRD scientist, Cyano.
Location : Centre IRD de Nouméa, New Caledonia
Programme : Fate of organic carbon fixed by the cyanobacteria Trichodesmium (

2002 - 2003: Postdoctoral Fellow
Location :
Laboratoire d’ Oceanographie de Villefranche, France.

Programme : EU project EUROTROPH (


2000 - 2001: CNRS Postdoctoral fellow (Poste Rouge).
Location :
Laboratoire d’ Oceanographie de Villefranche, France
Programme :

1994 - 2000: PhD Student
Location : University of Maryland
Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Science Program,

Dissertation title: Biological production of colored dissolved organic matter (Advisor: TR Fisher).


Research interests

- Influence of toxic trace metals on phytoplanktonic structure and function in the South West Lagoon of New Caledonia

- EUROTROPH - Nutrients Cycling and the Trophic Status of Coastal Ecosystems (

- Biogeochemical controls of bacterial Colored Dissolved Organic Material (CDOM) production.

- Response of bacterial respiration to viral attack and lysis (


- Fate of organic carbon fixed by the cyanobacteria Trichodesmium (



International journals

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[NOTE : pdf files may be downloaded and printed, but permission from the publisher is required to post them, to add direct links to them on the web, or even to store them "for very long" (in the legal sense of the phrase...)]

Book chapters


1) E. Rochelle-Newall, RJT Klein, K Barrett, H Behrendt, T Bresser, A Cieslak, E Debruin, T Edwards, P Herman, R Laane, L Ledoux, H Lindeboom, W Lise, S Moncheva, P Moschella, RJ Nicholls, M Stive, J Vermaat. 2005. Global change and the European coast: Climate change and economic development. In: Managing European Coasts: Past, present and future. Eds: J. Veermat et al. Elsevier, Amsterdam.


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Congress (2004-2005)

Frankignoulle M., Borges A.V., Gazeau F., Delille B., Schiettecatte L.S., Gattuso J.-P., Rochelle-Newall E.J., González-Benítez N., Bonilla-Findji O., Pizay M.D., Wollast R., Vanderborght J.P., Chou L., Loijens M., Folmer I., Middelburg J.J., Van-den-Meersche K., Boschker H.T.S., Veuger B., Duarte C.M., Barron C., Navarro N., Iversen N., Elliot M., Hemingway K.L., Burdon D., Campuzano-Guillen F.J. and J. Allen, Nutrient Cycling and the Trophic Status of Coastal Ecosystems – (EUROTROPH), EUROCEAN 2004, European Conference on Marine Science & Ocean Technology, Galway, Ireland, 10 - 13 May 2004.


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Rochelle -Newall E.,Renaud F, Pringault O. Inhibition of bacterial production by Trichodesmium. ASLO, 19-25 June 2005, Spain.


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